Planning for Future Generations


Legacy planning is simply determining (while you’re still alive) where your assets should go after you die. Without a properly structured Legacy plan, your wishes may not be fulfilled, and there may be unintended consequences for your loved ones.

For those seeking to leave a lasting legacy, developing a tax-efficient wealth transfer strategy is a decision that can affect generations to come, as well as fostering harmonious family relations.

Here are some key points to consider when planning a tax-efficient wealth transfer:

  • 1 Be proactive and start planning early. Planning needs to start many months, if not years, before the ultimate transfer.
  • 2 Involve family members in the process. The passing of a loved one is challenging enough without having your loved ones left with the decision of having to handle your estate.
  • 3 Find an experienced and trusted professional.
  • 4 Explore the various options available and decide what is best for you and your beneficiaries.
  • 5 Develop a charitable giving plan and an Legacy plan.

With sufficient time and planning, you, your family and professionals can design a wealth transfer plan that is both tax-efficient and ensures your wishes will be fulfilled.  While the concept is simple, the vehicles, planning and implementation process can be rather complex. Because of the estate tax laws and the emerging vehicles to help you protect and transfer your assets effectively, it’s important to work with experienced estate planning professionals who stay current in this field and advise clients on a day-to-day basis.

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