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Why Is the Market Rallying While the Economy Is Collapsing?

Observers are trying to reconcile the sharp rally in the stock market even as the data show that economic activity has declined dramatically. It is natural to ask how the market can only be down a little more than 10% and the NASDAQ is now up for the year, when we’re still in the midst…
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Market Trends to Watch

The investment world is like the weather: constantly changing. Financial vehicles are tweaked and improved upon, particularly when there are changes to tax law or compliance rules. The world of finance is fluid, and so are we. As our lives evolve, it’s important to review and sometimes make adjustments to our investment and insurance goals…
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Examining the work/life balancing act

Researchers have estimated how much of our lifetime is spent on various activities. For example, based on a lifespan of 80 years, the average person will spend:1 26 years sleeping 7 years trying to get to sleep 13 years at work 8 years watching TV 5 years eating 3 years on social media 3 years…
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Potential Reasons to Put the Retirement Countdown on Hold

Potential Reasons to Put the Retirement Countdown on Hold Retirement is still something most people look forward to, but over the years, some of the reasons for anticipation have dwindled. During the industrial age, more people worked jobs requiring manual labor that were hard on the body. By mid-century, many rank-and-file workers could look forward…
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Strategic vs. Tactical Asset Allocation

Strategic vs. Tactical Asset Allocation  In recent years, the markets, the economy and the global political scene have evolved considerably. We’ve witnessed both remarkable volatility and remarkable resilience in these areas. The reality is that less predictability in today’s economic landscape requires more vigilant risk diversification, coupled with the ability to adapt to a fast-changing…
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Retirement Plan Fees: Know What You Are Paying

Retirement Plan Fees: Know What You Are Paying Many large companies offer employees a 401(k) plan with some degree of matching contribution. Although this is a good employee benefit to have, you always should pay attention to the fees involved in your plan. Your plan provider charges various fees to invest, manage and administer the…
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